Pininfarina's proposed (2004) Alfa Spider as compared to Vignale's 1951 230hp Alfa Spider

++ +++ Road & Track's artist's conception of the 2005 Alfa Spider

In 1951 Vignale carozzeria rebodied Nuvolari's 1939 Vanderbilt Cup winning Alfa Romeo. Before being rebodied, Bonetto used the same car to win the 1950 Oporto Grand Prix.

It had (at this time ACS has not verified the car 's continuing existence) a 4500cc V-12 engine giving 230 hp. Note: Small insert is the V-12 block.

Below is Autocar (magazine) artist's version of Pininfarina's 2004 Alfa Spider. It is still subject to revision but is expected to be built on the GM-Fiat-Saab 'premium' platform, which will allow Alfa to utilize front or all-wheel drive.

More powerful Twin spark 4-cylinder engines are being developed along with GM's all-alloy DOHC V-6 block in 2.8 and 3.2 liter forms.




This artist's drawing appeared in the 01/02 Road & Track. But, except for the grill / hood treatment, what distinguishes it from a Miata? Not knocking Miata's, but one would like to think an Alfa Romeo (especially designed with a clean sheet) would be Considerably more distinctive. I personally have no problems with the side crease stolen from the early Ferrari Barchetta, and as long as the designers are borrowing, why not leave on the extended head rest treatment stolen from the current 360 Ferrari Spider (who stole it from, etc, etc.) as shown on the red car.
Absolutely hate the shapeless front side air intakes. They scream, "Feed me, feed me." But since it will probably have a version of a GM motor, they become a joke.
Blue car: Hate the air intakes, the slatted grill, the square roll bars and head rests, the lights (although will admit they are somewhat more practical than red car's) and very so-so on the hunky wheel rims.
Red car: Like the more traditional looking grill (what if this grill was to extend into the hood as the blue car's does?). Adore the front side air intakes and especially the (admittedly impractical) headlamps, quite like the 'extended headrests' since I'm a fan of fastbacks and since this will undoubtedly be a stubby car, at least they give it some shape. Not positive if the concave (with little open area) is the best rim design, but prefer it to the macho blue car's. Oh yes, much prefer the logical attractive front air dam treatment (on the red car).

Would love to see a Vignale concept. Yeah? I guess I could even live with portholes.

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