The 2002 Italdesign Alfa Romeo Brea as contrasted to the 1939 Touring bodied 6C 2500 SS


 Hopefully the picture / pictures of the 6C 2500 SS will 'unite' when this gets downloaded. Apologies for them not lining up properly. Since the original ('borrowed' from Fantastic Alfa Romeo by Luciano Greggio)
was on two pages and 19" long, it took some fiddling.

This falls no doubt under who really cares. First, it's been a bit since the 6C was built and the Brea is never slated to be produced. The who cares part comes in that I especially enjoy long wheelbase, narrow track cars. Also the wheels should be as near as possible to the extreme ends and it should have a fast back with hatch and two side doors.

I personally have no real need for a rear seat except to carry the occasional large item. However, since I like the long lean look, what would have happened if the rear of the Brea sloped just a bit more (and they got rid of the ridiculous dip in the lower portion of the rear glass), they added about 15" to the wheelbase allowing for a 'snug' back seat?

My first thought was the scissor door opening wouldn't work, but when looking at a shot of the door raised and with the extreme angle of the rear edge of the door opening, it would be almost easy for reasonably fit people to ingress and egress from the rear. Actually could be a rather dramatic entrance all in itself.

Alfa styling: Often it has been brilliant, occasionally bland, but as fun as extreme contrasts are, since the end of WWII, there has been little continuity in the design from model to model and especially from model year to model year.

I believe this is one reason BMW, especially, has been able to prosper. Their cars enjoy relatively small 'hits' resale wise compared to trade-in time when Alfa's new design director's designs hit the showroom floor.

Okay, boys and girl, play a game with me. Just what if the suits in the penthouse offices at GM central looked across the way and mumbled (almost) in unison, "Unnnh, what if we actually do buy Fiat and make Alfa one of our premium cars - not unlike how our 'friends' at Ford did with Jaguar and Aston Martin?

What if they not only 'made it so' but started with the Brea as the building block, or to be a bit more dramatic, Rosetta Stone, for a new generation of extremely exciting Alfa Romeos?

And then the suits kept their hot little bean counter hands off until it really had a chance to prove itself and every one eventually got even richer and lived happily ever after.


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