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Mark and Kate sent this very fine photo on their way out the door to Korea. It seems Mark takes photos to help keep this country free. (Can'tcha tell?).

He will be doing the same in Korea for the U.S. military (and perhaps a few for us). Suspect all his photo sessions aren't this fun.

It's gathered this is Kate's car. Apparently Mark needs a GTV-6 to help carry all his camera gear. Not sure if model is Kate or not. What is so incredibly mind boggling, this was taken in Utah.

Gotta love those fine lines of the Alfetta GT grill framed by the more than somewhat fine lines of the girl (yes, we know, zippo PC. So?).


Before we move on to more nuts & bolts items, feel free to send in your Mail & Photos. If they're technically interesting or 'nice but naughty' enough, you'll get published.

Oh yeah, there should be some Alfetta GT content.


Technical photo stuff: ACS uses a MAC, Netscape, PageMill 3.0 & PhotoShop (among others).

Assuming you are sending a horizontal photo: A width of around 5" is nice along with a dpi of 72 or 150.

Should you not have a digital camera, yet want to contribute something "really neat", email and we'll give you instructions.

This extremely trick / ultimate Alfetta GT brake system comes from Mick Bergman:

Hi' guys,

I finally got my car up on the hoist and snapped some pics of my new braking system. In the pics you can also see some other modifications like the front coil-overs, "upside-down front ball joint", new rear springs, etc.

The brakes work super. I can out brake anything and in our half hour races there's no sign of fading at all. The feeling is simply incredible.

One point of interest. The brakes have been driven 6 starts now and the pads have worn almost nil. If they don't crack or rust I
could easily drive 2-4 seasons with them (compared to the original brakes which lasted max one start)




Paolo Angulo Brandestini of Bogotá, Columbia was kind enough to send a photo of (at least to ACS) very unique square side-markers on what is obviously a very pristine GT:

As you mention our beloved Alfettas do not get the press they deserve, I
happen to be the owner of a well kept GTV 2000 model 1977, which was
imported directly to Colombia by the first owner.

It is an Italian car (chrome bumpers, rear gas tank, impossible to find
square side markers!) to which I have had the pleasure to tend for the last
5 years. The car is my daily driver in Bogotá, with an impeccable record
-has never left me stranded- and that, in a city with world famous
pot-holes, (no pun intended) appalls even the most recent 4x4s!
By the way, there is no service representative of Alfa Romeo in this country
and the few Alfisti struggle to keep their cars running.

Let us tell the whole world about one of the greatest (and most comfortable)
2+2 tin roof coupes.

P.D. I have never bought a copy of Sport's Cars Market, what kind of rating
is that, specially giving the Montreal two stars? (I do not think I will
ever buy a copy, anyway!)


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