ALFETTA GT Owners--Unite


 June 1978

The main thing to see here is the one star by the '75 to '79 Alfetta GT

Sports Car Market's Key to Rating for cars with one star:

"* Woof, woof! A dog that nobody cares about, and most likely never will."

How do you feel about Sports Car Market's one star (woof, woof) rating for OUR cars? Do you agree?

We certainly don't.

At the very least, with some dedication we can get it up to two stars. After two, who knows?

We not only think the cars are extremely cool, for some strange reason, feel those individuals dedicated to 4-cylinder Alfetta GT's, are perhaps a "breed apart".

AlfaCyberSite is currently catering to owners and would be owners of '66 to '94 (Series 1 thru 4) Spiders. They are fun, nimble, and highly entertaining cars. It has been our experience they are in many cases, "couples" cars. You might also own one of them.

Let's be candid here. Alfa Romeo automobiles do extract a certain amount of "dedication" from their owners and drivers. For various reasons, women seem to enjoy driving Spiders as much as their male counterparts.

And while ACS is somewhat reluctant to admit one of the key reasons the main site is dedicated to Spiders, we feel they are generally willing to take the necessary measures to maintain their cars properly. One advantage is that Alfa Spiders are not only holding their resale value fairly well, they are every bit as entertaining / enjoyable to drive as a Miata.

So why is ACS dedicating time and energy supporting 4-cylinder (we feel the 6-cylinder version can hold their own & the sedans?, good luck ) Alfetta GT's?

'Cause we love them and think they are by far the most interesting, practical (yes practical), underpriced, and underloved Alfa today.

And then there is this Dark Side of ACS. We think they appeal a whole bunch to Bad Boys and Girls. Oh, not really bad (as in just got out of Leavenworth bad) but those who love to thumb their nose at whatever conventional prevailing wind is blowing at the moment.

We feel they, including us, (shhh don't tell, we have an image to uphold here) like to occasionally tilt at windmills, metaphorically speaking of course.

So ya got this car which is worth about $300 as it sits, you think it's pretty cool, ya like the fun part, but you also need to keep it running and perhaps make it do a few "tricks" it wasn't born with?

You, my friend, have come to the right place.

Email us
and we will send you the secret decoder ring. Okay, you don't really get a ring, but we'll email the special URL (address) to get you to the site. We want to let our hair down and have as much fun as you. We just don't want to inflict it on our more conservative / conventional & in some cases, front wheel drive, Alfa brethren. They just wouldn't understand.

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