While AlfaCyberSite is concerned primarily with Alfa Romeos, that is not to say we aren't willing to help owners of other makes.

ACS feels the Cibie outshines (sorry) any other lighting system available today.

There are systems which are less expensive and those which are of Italian origin. They are all certainly adequate, however...if you want the best, you'll buy Cibie.

Cibie has learned its craft in the heat of battle at the grueling '24 Heures du Mans', along with the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, and of course the Monte Carlo Rally. They are only a few of the venues which Cibie has showed its superiority over less highly developed lighting systems.

You're not planning on going into the heat of battle? Allow us to suggest two hypothetical situations:

(a) You live in deer country. While there are 'warning' systems, the best defense is to be able to see not just what is ahead, but is FAR up ahead. Let's assume in both of these examples you have four 5.75" lamps. Consider two pairs of the 'standard' Low / High beam along with the High Beam lamps. Add a pair of 35 Airport Drive beams (or perhaps one fog and one drive?). Your ability to pick out friendly but potentially self destructive eyes in the distance is considerably enhanced.

(b) (Again using 5.75" lamps as an example): You have a GTV-6 which you've 'improved' far beyond what the factory provided--not only in HP but in interior amenities. You want your 'baby' to have presence, both in the daytime but especially when you arrive at that special someone's after dark. Consider 5.75"-HCRA a combination low / high & park beam (city lights). Or...5.75"-HCR-F & 5.75"-HR-F an incredible set of elegant flat faced lamps.

You'll not only see better, you'll look better.

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