Safe, User Friendly Diagonal Lap / Shoulder Belts for Series 1 & 2 (1966 to 1981) Alfa Romeo Spiders 

 This is what you will receive in the complete package. Note: The stalk on the left is the better fitting15 cm version.  The automatic retractor with all mounting hardware. Retractor adjusts to any mounting angle. The cover easily snaps into place. Only one 7/16" hole is required for mounting.


 (From left to right) (a) Chief tester Carol, sitting prettily in a Series 2 Alfa Spider, reaches for the convenient 'tongue' (b) using her left hand to help guide the 'tongue' she then (c) inserts 'tongue' into female stalk. Note: To help guide the tongue, without pulling out of the seat guide for taller people, ACS includes shrink tubing to insert over the open portion of the guide.


(From left to right) (a) The reel securely attached to the interior of the rear wheel housing
(b) View is from inside the driver's (left) side wheel well showing the 3" washer which securely attaches the retractor
(c) The reel with cover, on the left is the rear seat drape, below the retractor is the rubber convertible top strap
(d) (View is from rear of driver's seat looking towards dash) The belt guide is one of the key items which makes this installation so user friendly. The belt easily slips into the guide.
If you have non-original seats, you need to determine if this attachment will work for you.


Additional photos taken of a Series 1 (Round-Tail) Spider. The reel can be installed lower on Series 1 Spiders because there is no top strap bracket to get in the way. 

Note the extension on the 15 cm stalk. The plated hardware is included should you care to extend it slightly as it was done on this installation. 

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