Alfa Engine Stand Adapter

The CAD drawing above for an Alfa 4-cylinder engine stand adapter was created by Jim Steck over a year ago. My suggestion, along with some basic measurements, (note final comments) was based on a bracket fitting a 1,000 Lb. capacity Harbor Freight engine stand (Item 32916-1CTA, approx. $50).

I recently received my adapter and put it immediately to work. Jim isn't into painting, so I threw on a quick coat before mounting (and photographing).

Assuming you mount from the exhaust side, it is possible you should remove the manifold first. Since Alfa has such a divergence of manifolds, you must check first.

Neither Jim nor myself feel there is the slightest distortation by mounting from only one side. The side mounting allows you to install the flywheel, and clutch assembly - and is considerably easier to rotate engine as its center of gravity is balanced not only north / south, but also east / west.

Jim is asking $35 for the adapter + S & H.

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