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  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

PayPal (in our and many other's opinion) is the premier person to person Internet payment service.

Not only is the service free to the 'buyer', you currently receive a $5 credit to your account upon signing up.

Both PayPal and AlfaCyberSite have strict guidelines regarding information requested: Quite simply no information is sold or given to 3rd parties and all information requested takes place on PayPal's secure site. ACS has no access to your credit card number. We require only your name & shipping address (see next column) which PayPal automatically emails us after verification.

Many individuals are concerned about the security of listing not only their credit card number, but also basic personal information on the Internet.

ACS understands this concern, yet PayPal (if you're not currently signed up) must verify your credit card number and billing address before you are allowed to use their service.

This is done on a secure site (note closed padlock icon). ACS has used PayPal extensively going 'both directions'--that is sending / receiving with no problems whatsoever. We would not use it ourselves if we had the slightest doubts regarding its integrity.


PayPal has introduced additional security measures by limiting customers with unverified checking accounts to a $250 limit on either their Visa or MasterCard when used through their services.

PayPal has a very simple and quite ingenious way of verifying your checking account. Once you have keyed in your account number on their Very Secure site, two small electronic deposits are made to your account.

Most banks have Internet and / or phone access to your information or you can simply call your bank and ask amounts of the most recent deposits.

Write them down (they'll be under a dollar) and email PayPal with the two amounts.

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What could be more simple? PayPal is now happy, and you may now pay directly from your checking account (think of it as an electronic / cardless ATM) or click the button when ordering and the amount will be deducted from your credit card on file.

Perhaps a little scary? Well over a year ago ACS hesitated, but 'went for it'. Both Visa And MasterCard only debit you $50 for unauthorized use of your credit card AND PayPal insures your checking account for $100,000 for any unauthorized use attritributed to their lack of security.

Think about it: What insurance company would insure a company such as PayPal which has Millions of accounts for $100,000 per account if there were any 'open backdoors' in their system?

Not to sound like bragging, but ACS has two credit cards and two checking accounts (with two different banks) on file with PayPal.


ACS certainly doesn't want to discourage you from ordering several items at one time. Unfortunately we do not have a shopping cart set-up.

Your choice: If you're willing to make several trips to PayPal and key in the items you wish to purchase, ACS will rebate up to 40% of the shipping charges.

OR--contact ACS by email giving us an exact description of the items you wish to purchase and we will do the rest except key in your credit card and address. Sorry, there is no discount on the latter arrangement.


This is a red flag for credit card processing companies.

ACS understands often there is no one home to receive the package from UPS and prefer to have it shipped to your workplace or perhaps a shop.

If this is the case, simply email ACS giving both your home (billing) address and shipping address. We'll take care of the rest.

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