Ahmet Tuncay / Sandeman Supercharged '72 Alfa GTV



Ahmet Tuncay of Laguna Beach, CA was kind enough to forward the above photos of his 1972 Alfa GTV which was fully restored by Stewart Sandeman Jr.

In answer for more information, Ahmet provided the following (08/10/02):

Biba, I'm sorry I did not reply right away as I was trying to get some of the technical answers that I don't remember. So I'll take a swag for now:

Significant additions & changes:

- New Eaton blower max 10 psi boost at 5000 rpm with bypass valve
- Stock crankshaft main pulley and slave pulleys from various donor Alfas
- Custom aluminum blower pulley and mounting bracketry
- Modified (for bypass operation) air-to-air intraocular from donor Porsche 930
- Nominal compression ratio of 8.5:1
- Carillo rods
- Lower numerical rear diff ratio
- Semi-custom electronic ignition and fuel injection by Link
Performance in Costa Mesa
- Modified hood & semi-custom scoop
-A Ducati silencer is utilized to help suppress the high pitched whine of the supercharger.

I'll provide specific manufacturers and part numbers for the semi-custom parts when I document exactly what they are.

Some other items people have asked about:

The hood (nee bonnet) required the removal of the metal support braces in the area above the intraocular. There's a Subaru WRX like scoop on the hood, I'll post a few pics of it soon.

(continued on next column)

The original intent was to duct the air to the area below the intraocular and evacuate from the top, but this would have required a drastically modified bonnet and I wanted to keep it as stock looking as possible.

Current state of the GTV can best be described as work in progress and this is the second entirely different engine and the fifth pulley ratio iteration, the trick being the optimization of the boost (pulley size - blower speed), compression, gear ratio, fuel quality, and drivability.

The first attempt was a medium-high boost (12 psi at nominal 10:1 compression ratio) configuration that developed most of its explosive power at less than 3000 ram but required essentially all-out racing fuel to control PRE-ignition. It was terrible to drive in the street and the gearing was good for 0-100 mph runs (very quickly) but that was about it.

The current configuration is much milder (10 psi at 8.5:1 compression ratio) and will probably be tuned down to around 225-250 HP using 91 RON premium fuel. It still requires full attention to drive well because the revs build up very quickly but I can't wipe the grin off my face accelerating away from most anything else on the road.

As far as cost, well, you really really have to want a supercharged Alfa. The project isn't quite complete but the final tally will have five significant digits, not sure if the first digit will be a 3 or a 4 yet.

I think you're doing a terrific job Biba, I'll provide regular updates and help to anyone interested in undertaking similar projects.

Warm Regards.


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