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The Berlin series are made from hand spun brass. The casings are then polished and chrome plated to concours standards.

The SL series are made from hand spun aluminum. The standard finish being a brushed satin finish for the perfect racing appearance. A polished finish is available on special order.


Two housing sizes are available. The Senior model allows a considerably greater view behind. The mirror diameter is 100mm (4").

The Junior model housing measures 90mm (3.5")


All mirrors have replaceable glass elements. First surface mirrors are used for all Talbot mirrors. They are precision ground and are optically superior to the standard second surface type.

Two shapes are offered - flat or convex. The convex lens has a 40" radius. Mirrors have a tinted, glare-free coating, perfect for racing or night driving.


Model 300-303 Standard base is available in either a Surface mount which uses 2 coined bolts which are mounted to the body with sheet metal screws. Since no access to rear of mirror mounting is required, it is ideal where access is limited. The mounting system is hidden by the base. Or can be ordered with U-Bolt mount which is somewhat more secure but requires access from beneath.

Model 301 is a Surface mount with large cover plate to hide existing holes in body. The cover plate length is 122mm (4.8") and allows for 3.5" center to center mounting holes. Available in chrome or aluminum.


All parts are available making a Talbot Mirror a lifetime investment.

Extended (301) base (chrome or aluminum)- $35-
Regular base (chrome or aluminum) - 35-
Mount kit (U-bolt or Surface) - 25-
Base gasket - 8-
Bezel ring - 18-
Retainer ring - 14-
Mirror, flat - 20-
Mirror, convex - 25-
Adjustment screw - 30-
Plate post - 8-
Mirror housing - 2/3rds cost of complete mirror -
(Should you have purchased your Talbot mirror from ACS, we will be happy to work with you)


Mirrors can be produced to your specific needs - whether it be a prototype, race car, or show car.

Special finishes including anodized aluminum, powder-coat, and black chrome can be furnished.

Housings can be produced from titanium, stainless steel, and other materials. Custom mounting bases can also be custom fabricated.


US,1 to 2 mirrors, UPS surface=$14-
Canada, include (US $26- for 1 to 2 mirrors)


Credit card orders are shipped within four to seven days - depending on current availability. Money Orders or bank drafts will be shipped upon their receipt. Personal checks on US banks or unverified PayPal payments will be delayed by eight days. There is a 30% restocking fee for returns.

Template for the 300-303 Standard Base. Mounting holes are 1.2" center to center

Model 301 Extended Base is a surface mount which is a large cover plate to hide any existing holes in the body. The base length is 12mm (4.8") and allows for 3.5" center to center mounting holes.

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